Women at Work Collection Guide

21 September 2018 - 17:38

This Women at Work Collection Guide provides information about the history of working women worldwide.

Women worked throughout history in various jobs, from bakers, typists, weavers, butchers, from industrialists to road-sweepers. In the last thirty years women's history has developed as a discipline in history. The projects about women and work are expanding. This guide is a component of the wider interesting field of women's history.

The International Institute of Social History has many archival resources about the work of women, but the documents are scattered all over the collections. This guide gives coherence to all these  documents and collections about working women.

''Women's Labour'  is used in the broadest sense, covering home industry, child labour, slave labour, prostitution, labour conditions, wages and labour division.

The collections in this guide are divided in persons and organizations, both Dutch and International.

  • Compiled by Sanne van de Voort within the framework of an internship at the IISH (2011)
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