Richard Zijdeman

01 November 2018 - 9:00

Head of the Data & Augmentation department, Senior Researcher

Richard heads the Data & Augmentation department and directs the HSNDB. He is the national representative of DARIAH for the Netherlands, Task Lead in SSHOC-NL and board member of CLARIAH. Richard focuses on creating infrastructure that helps uncover and connect data sources for the study of long term inequality. As a go-between of history and sociology, Cultural Heritage and Knowledge Representation (AI), Richard's work on intergenerational inequality and women's work is characterized by a strong interdisciplinary approach.

His latest works uncover the existence of an occupational gradient in excess mortality caused by the Spanish Flu, and demonstrate how socio-economic data can be related to cultural, textual and oral history in a deep map for the Amsterdam Time Machine. Currently, he works on the FAIR reuse of SPARQL queries, with the support of the Open Science Fund.

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Richard L. Zijdeman – Research output — Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)


IISH Staff | Richard Zijdeman - Photo by Martin van Welzen